A surprising common thread unites many glittering stars in the pulsing heart of global cinema – Hollywood. Beyond the red carpet glamour and the dazzling lights, you'll find a passion shared across the Tinseltown spectrum: an undying love for soccer. Today, we delve into the favorite soccer teams of some of Hollywood's most prominent actors.

Tom Hanks and Aston Villa

Our journey begins with none other than two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. Known for his sterling performances in classics such as Forrest Gump and Cast Away, Hanks has also harbored a deep affection for Aston Villa since the 1980s. 

Hanks often offers insightful commentary on Villa's Premier League journey on social media and attends matches, embodying the spirit of a true fan.

Margot Robbie and Fulham F.C.

Australian actress Margot Robbie, widely recognized for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and, most recently, Barbie, is an avid supporter of Fulham F.C. 

After moving to London, she was introduced to the sport by her husband and friends and quickly developed an affinity for Fulham due to the team's locality and the friendly, welcoming environment at Craven Cottage, Fulham's home ground.

Hugh Jackman and Norwich City F.C.

Hugh Jackman is a massive Norwich City fan, so much so that he'd buy them if he could. The Australian actor jokingly rumored a potential takeover of the Canaries with Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds

Now would the Wolverine try out for his beloved club — that would be something special! 

Will Ferrell, Chelsea F.C., and LAFC

The humorous and talented Will Ferrell's passion for soccer knows no bounds. On the one hand, he's a dedicated Chelsea F.C. supporter, seen cheering the Blues at Stamford Bridge. 

On the other hand, he's a co-owner of the team Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), where his vibrant presence at matches and active community engagement showcase his deep-rooted love for the sport.

Jennifer Aniston and Watford

It may have been by force, but Jennifer Aniston is a Watford fan. BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark once interviewed her about her new movie, We're The Millers back in 2013. 

He handed her a Watford shirt with her name on the back during that interview. Aniston has been a Hornets fans since ;). 

Julia Roberts and Manchester United

Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts has a profound love for Manchester United. A memorable trip to the U.K. and an exhilarating game at Old Trafford vs were enough to spark her allegiance to the Red Devils. 

Pep Guardiola once regretted her alliance, saying in 2023, “I am a failure in the Champions League … Julia Roberts came to England a few years ago in the period when Manchester United were not good, we were better, and she came to Manchester United.” 

Roberts nonetheless congratulated Pep in an Instagram post on winning the 2023/24 Champions League with Manchester City.

Daniel Craig and Liverpool F.C.

Daniel Craig, celebrated globally as James Bond, is a devout supporter of Liverpool F.C — he grew up close to Liverpool in Chester, England. Craig's allegiance to the team is a lifelong affair, as he attends games at

Sylvester Stallone and F.C.

Sylvester Stallone is a dedicated supporter of Everton F.C. In 2015, he gave a half-time speech at Goodison Park, cementing his place in the heart of the Everton faithful. He also attended a match in 2007. Turns out Rocky is a good luck charm as Everton won both with Stallone in attendance. 

Tom Cruise and Real Madrid

Tom Cruise, famed for his dynamic roles, also showcases a strong love for soccer (or ), particularly for Real Madrid. Over the years, Cruise's support for the team has come to light through appearances at their games. Cruise is also known to kick the soccer ball around on movie sets. 

Matthew McConaughey and Austin FC

Wrapping up our list is Matthew McConaughey, not just a fan but a co-owner of MLS side Austin FC. His commitment to cultivating soccer culture in Austin, Texas, is well-documented. Although he appreciates the sport globally — he's attended some Chelsea matches — his focus on fostering Austin FC's identity illustrates a deep-rooted passion.

Photos: Twitter/manutdXtra_