We're back with the second match week of Champions League group stages, and it's high time we focus on an unsung hero of the pitch—the official game ball for the 2023/24 season. Over the years, the Champions League ball has seen numerous iterations, each aiming to push the boundaries of technology and performance. So, what makes this season's 2023/24 Champions League ball stand out? Let's dive in.

Adidas 2023/24 Champions League ball

The new 2023/24 Adidas 2023/24 Champions League ball will feature in the group stage and play-off round. As the Champions League has done in years past, they will release a special-edition finals ball closer to the Wembley finals date next year. 

This year's group stage Adidas Finale ball is similar to the 2023 Champions League final ball but takes on a musical note. That's because the tournament's iconic anthem inspired the . Sleek calligraphy that spells “The Champions” spans across 12 star panels. 

Few sounds in the world of sports elicit as much emotion and anticipation as the UEFA Champions League Anthem — when your team lines up on the field, the song gives you the chills. 

The Men's white 2023/24 Champions League ball melds classic Adidas aesthetics from the early 2000s with silver and bright cyan star panels and updated UCL banding. 

Meanwhile, the Women's star ball takes the white base and meshes together the anthem's lyrics within the royal blue, metallic silver, and “shock pink” star panels.

The UEFA Women's Champions League crown logo takes presence over the hexagon adjacent to the new minimal Adidas logo. Here are the two Men's and Women's balls juxtaposed to each other.

Adidas 2023/24 Champions League ball technology

Technology-wise, the new Men's and Women's Adidas Finale 23/24 Champions League balls are identical to the one used in Istanbul. 

The high-quality balls feature thermally bonded technology, making them roll seamlessly on the grass.  

You can snatch the UCL Pro Instanbul ball for half price at the Adidas website. The new Men's white one (size 5) retails for $170, with the replica costing $60.  

Adidas 2023/24 Champions League ball features

  • Design Inspiration: The UCL Pro 23/24 Group Stage Ball features calligraphy that spells “The Champions,” inspired by the UEFA Champions League anthem.
  • Quality Pro Certified: This ball has received “FIFA Quality Pro certification,” assuring its high quality and performance during matches.
  • High-Grade Butyl Bladder: The ball offers excellent shape and air retention, equipped with a top-notch butyl bladder
  • Thermally Bonded Seamless Construction: Crafted using thermally bonded seamless technology, this ball ensures a smooth and high-performance surface for play.
  • UCL Printed Crest: The ball features the official UEFA Champions League crest, underlining its association with the prestigious tournament.

Photo: Twitter/ManUtd