AC Milan's collaboration with esteemed brand Off-White carries on its philanthropic mission with its latest limited-edition t-shirt release. 

The exclusive tee release will direct all proceeds towards refurbishing a multi-purpose youth sports center in Gratosoglio, a marginalized Milanese suburb.

Furthermore, the Serie A titan's partnership with Off-White serves a financial goal and significantly aids the Rossoneri's charitable organization, the Fondazione Milan Foundation.

Milan x Off-White Launch Limited Edition T-Shirt in Support of Milan Foundation

The new “I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE” shirt is the second brand collaboration.  

Earlier this season, Off-White partnered with the Rossoneri to launch a unique collection as part of the ‘Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve‘ campaign. The fashion and football brands unite to support and celebrate social integration and inclusion in sports. 

Moreover, the new campaign features Rossoneri talents Davide Calabria, Divock Origi, Laura Giuliani, and Lindsey Thomas. 

The innovative T-shirt showcases unique features such as the “I Support Sport for Change” motto scribed in red across the chest, along with a fusion of the Milan x Off-White written logos. A pitchfork-carrying diavolo (Italian for the devil) mascot symbol also appears on the back. 

You can get the cool T-shirt here.

Photo: Twitter/AC Milan