On September 5th, will launch the Messi Leyenda 2.0 signature boot—the highly anticipated addition to their elite cleat collection. 

Adidas x Messi Leyenda 2.0 

While the GOAT currently sports the signature L10NEL M35S in silver metallic/Bliss blue at , suggest that the new Messi Leyenda 2.0 boots will resemble the ones he wore at the World Cup. 

Messi donned the X Speedportal boots Leyenda en route to a World Cup triumph in . Messi's World Cup 2022 boots featured the gold metallic and black stretched stripe treatment and white and pulse blue stripes, mirroring his 2006 World Cup boots.

The 2022 World Cup editions of Messi's boots also displayed the Sun of May, a symbol on the flag, prominently displayed on the heel. Adidas later created a special edition version celebrating the victory, exclusive to the forward. 

As the September Leyenda 2.0 release approaches, there's undoubtedly a lot of hype about adding the latest release to the collection. The initial Speedportal.1 sold out long ago, with pairs going for over $1,000 on Stock X.  

Photo: Twitter/desmund_Oris