The leaked 2023/24 green away have Arsenal fans feeling uneasy. 

A photo of the new away kit leaked by @afcstuff gives Gunners fans a sour taste, unlike the teased 23/24 home kit fans are raving about.  

The new 23/24 Arsenal away kit resembles Manchester United's putrid-looking “puke green released last summer. Except the Gunners shirt looks worse. Have a look. 

Arsenal's 23/24 away kit sickens Gunners fans 🤢

A unique zebra zigzag pattern takes shape around a core green-yellow colorway. Those thick lines purportedly embody the extensive journeys Arsenal fans embark on to see the Gunners play. These trips range from attending away games to traveling from overseas to London, all to relish a match at the renowned Emirates Stadium.

The logos, meanwhile, adopt a neon blue shade. Perhaps the only saving grace is the black shorts, but the yellow-sick vibes still pervade the socks. 

“Reminds me of that time my daughter got high from passively smoking my joint and I let her loose with my wife's highlighter pens. Absolutely dreadful,” tweeted one fan. 

“Looks like a discobumbluated banana,” said another.

Perhaps this is the punishment Arsenal gets for capitulating the title to City. But with three games left, all it takes is a little luck to change course.  

Photo: Twitter/afstuff