Arsenal fans are torn over the sneak peek of the new home kit for the 23/24 season.

The 2023/24 Arsenal home jersey reintroduces the gold emblems, reminiscent of the 2005/06 Highbury edition, complemented by a discreet electric pattern on the collar.

The three gold stripes, also a hallmark of the leaked Real Madrid 23/24 home kit, sit on the shoulder. The new Adidas stripes logo is on the right chest of the kit, featuring three stripes without any text.

The red hue, dubbed ‘Better Scarlet,' is slightly deeper than the shades seen in previous seasons. Of course, it's still not as sharp as the ‘redcurrant‘ burgundy red shirt from the past. But it also excludes the collar, which most players and fans are happy to forego.

The new Arsenal 23/24 home kit also features raglan sleeves, in which diagonal seams extend from the neckline to the underarms.

Fans have mixed feelings about the preliminary kit.

“Probably the weakest home kit since we're back with Adidas. I hope the away and 3rd are better (they usually are),” tweeted one Gooner fan.

“Nah, don't like it. Shoulders white and the gold badge, not for me,” said another.

“Defo 2002-2004 inspired look at sleeves and collar. It's written in the stars for us to win the league and step out in this in 23/24,” tweeted Aye_Nizzy.

The title charge is on for the Gunners this term, as they seek to win their first Premier League title in twenty years.

Photo: Twitter/salttimes