As football fans, we can't help but wonder about our favorite player's favorite slice of pizza. Do they prefer plain cheese, extra cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, or wicked toppings like pineapple? 

We've reviewed a handful of football stars to discover (and predict) their go-to pizza toppings, so grab a slice and dig in. 

Note: This list excludes Manchester City players. is stringent about his no-pizza diet during the season (Jack Grealish cheated). That'll change if he wins the Champions League this year.

: Margherita Pizza 

The Portuguese icon, known for his strict workout regimen and diet, opts for a simple yet classic Margherita pizza. 

This pizza features fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and a hint of olive oil, showcasing Ronaldo's preference for fresh, high-quality ingredients that fuel his athletic performance.

He may also add a little spinach, given the leafy green's rich in iron and other energy-boosting properties. 

Ronaldo pizza topping

Lionel Messi: Ham and Pineapple 

Lionel Messi's pizza choice is as controversial as the age-old debate about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. 

The Argentine superstar loves a good ham and pineapple pizza, proving he's fearless in mixing sweet and savory flavors. This topping combo is a testament to Messi's adventurous playmaking spirit, both on and off the field.

What does Messi pair it with? A Coke, of course. 

Messi pizza topping

Jr.: Pepperoni and Jalapeño 

Brazilian sensation Neymar Jr. spices things up with his favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni and jalapeño peppers. 

This fiery combination reflects Neymar's passion for the game, his zest for life (and Mcdonald's), and his Brazilian roots, which celebrates bold and spicy flavors.

We can see him pairing it with the ever-popular Brazilian soft drink Guaraná Antarctica. 

Neymar pizza topping

: Veggie Supreme 

Egyptian football legend Mohamed Salah is all about a healthy lifestyle; his pizza choice reflects that. 

Salah goes for a Veggie Supreme, loaded with onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, and tomatoes. This colorful and nutritious combination shows that Salah is just as conscious about his food choices as his goal placement on the field.

Salah pizza topping

: BBQ Chicken 

American football star Megan Rapinoe loves a good BBQ chicken pizza that combines grilled chicken, barbecue sauce, red onions, and cilantro. 

This bold and flavorful choice mirrors Rapinoe's fearless personality and advocacy for social justice and equality.

Rapinoe pizza topping

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