Manchester United has treated its supporters to a sneak peek of the upcoming season's 23-24 home kit. But the proposed kit is not exactly the fans were hoping for. 

Credit to Footy Headlines for the scoop. 

Manchester United's 23-24 home kit includes a historic symbol 🌹

The all-red home kit incorporates the Adidas three stripes in black. There's also a minimal single black strip above the cuffs. 

The Red Devils patch sits over the heart on the left chest at its usual spot. However, the repeating Lancashire Rose pattern stands out the most on the new shirt. 

Man U fans were quick to react to the kit leak online. “Thats a really nice kit tbf,” commented one fan, while another one said, “Naw.. looks like a Sunday league jersey.”

The Lancashire Rose has served as a symbol for the county of Lancashire for centuries, including the city of Manchester. During the War of the Roses in the 15th century, the Red Rose of Lancashire competed against the White Rose of Yorkshire, and this emblem notably in the conflict.

“I don't believe that's the Lancashire rose. Looks like the Tudor rose with the white representing the house of Yorkshire,” tweeted @ShaneLittle72.

Meanwhile, the kit's collar details incorporate Trafford Road Bridge features. 

The Trafford Road Bridge, also called the Trafford Swing Bridge, was a crucial structure during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. It crossed over the Manchester Ship Canal and had a distinctive swing design that allowed maritime and road transportation. The bridge played a significant role in the development of Manchester as a central hub for trade and industry.

What are your thoughts on Manchester United's proposed home kit? It might look a little better next season should the Red Devils nick that Champions League spot.  

Photo: Twitter/Footy_headlines