Oh boy. The PMGOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) has released audio of the egregious error during last Saturday's Tottenham vs. Liverpool match. 

“PGMOL can confirm that we have carried out a review into the circumstances which led to the Luis Diaz goal being incorrectly disallowed for offside in the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur FC and Liverpool FC,” said the referring body. 

Liverpool requested access to the footage, which has now emerged. And all football fans deserve to hear it. Listen to the audio behind the VAR call. 

As you can hear, the initial ruling on the field indicated an offside, which led to a VAR review. However, a communication breakdown over the actual on-field decision resulted in a HUGE mistake. At the end of the clip, one of the replay operators admits fault, saying, “Oh, for f**'s sake.”

The play occurred in the 33rd minute when Mo Salah appeared to have another assist and Diaz's goal until VAR intervened. The strike would've put the Reds up 1-nil, solidifying their momentum. 

Referee Simon Hooper and other officials also made questionable calls throughout the match. Curtis Jones received a harsh red card (top of the foot or stud's up?) just before the Liverpool goal got called back. Liverpool later appealed the decision, but Jones will serve a three-match Premier League suspension. 

Will Liverpool replay Tottenham? Liverpool have not formally asked. Update: admitted on Wednesday that the game should be replayed. “Not as a manager of Liverpool so much, more as a football person, I think the only outcome should be a replay,” said the German boss. But even if that's the answer Reds fans are begging for, it's unlikely, and fans enjoy mocking them for it. Ironically, Liverpool netted nine extra points from VAR, the second-highest tally in the Premier League.

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Replay Operator: “Wait, wait, wait. The on-field decision was offside, are you happy with this?”

 VAR: “Yeah. Well done boys, good process.” 🤦

Photo: Twitter/AnythingLFC_