Hiba Abouk faces an unexpected obstacle in her divorce from her former footballer husband, Ashraf Hakimi: his mom.

Hakimi is facing rape charges for an incident on February 25th. He allegedly invited a 23-year-old woman he met on Instagram to his home while his wife and kids were on holiday. 

The woman submitted a “statement of rape” against the PSG star the following day, with authorities pursuing the player for criminal activity. 

Abouk to forgo a portion of Ex-Husband's assets after mom owns the lot

Abouk, a Spanish actress, immediately took to the courts to file for divorce and divide the assets. But French magazine First Mag reports that Hakimi has neither assets nor a bank to his name. 

Ever since the start of his footballing career, Hakimi put all his property and fortune into his mother's name, Saida Mouh. Hakimi's monthly PSG salary is $1.1 million, 80% of which he deposits to Mouh's bank account. 

The internet exploded with reactions to the revelation that Hakimi's mom, was the primary beneficiary. Gaining prominence during the 2022 , Hakimi's mom repeatedly caught attention as she kissed her son on the cheek after matches.

's mother has lived long enough to know these girls are the same. Smartest move I've seen in 2023,” tweeted MrBlackOG.

Other brutal takes flew in. 

Despite the challenging circumstances of her divorce, Abouk remains financially secure due to her successful acting career and various business ventures. 

Photo: Twitter/PulseNigeria247