He may have arrived as a fresh 20-year-old from Argentinian side Racing Avellaneda to Inter Milan for $26.6 million in 2018, but now is a star worth even more millions. 

The striker inked a new deal with the Nerazzurri in October 2021 that sees him raking in $7 million annually until 2026, more than double his previous salary. The Argentine is now the highest-paid player on Inter's squad. 

Martinez's estimated $40 million net worth put him in the elite bracket of footballers worldwide. But how does the Argentine sensation spend his millions? 

From investments and charity work to luxury indulgences and a taste for fine cars, let's delve into the lifestyle of one of football's best talents. Martinez may be excelling on the pitch, but his financial strategy is equally impressive and calculated off it.


Located in a serene and exclusive neighborhood outside Milan, it offers a perfect mix of privacy and proximity to the city.

The home is a spectacle, featuring sleek modern designs complemented by tasteful interiors. The expansive living area is elegantly decorated and leads out onto a spacious balcony overlooking picturesque landscapes. Here, “El Toro” often enjoys his morning stretches and workouts, fueling his body for the demands of the day ahead.

“El Toro” owns a posh residence in a serene and exclusive neighborhood outside Milan, a location that offers the perfect mix of privacy and proximity to the city. 

One of the villa's most prominent features is its stunning swimming pool. The pool area is the perfect spot for Martinez to unwind and recharge, surrounded by lush greenery. Designed with relaxation and recovery in mind, Martinez uses the pool to cool off on warm Italian summer days and for low-impact exercise and hydrotherapy.

One of the of Martinez's home life is his passion for cooking, particularly his fondness for grilling Argentinian steaks, a nod to his South American roots. He has a customized outdoor barbecue area where he enjoys preparing asados, the traditional Argentinian barbecue.


Martinez's love for speed and power isn't limited to the football field. As evidenced by his car collection, he also appreciates these qualities in his vehicles. He owns an impressive array of luxury cars, each reflecting his style and taste.

First up is the $60,000 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 is a compact yet powerful sports car known for its nimbleness and speed. Second is a $100,0000 black Porshe Boxter, a symbol of Martinez's agility on the field. This ride is a fitting choice for a striker with such speed and precision.

Next is the Range Rover, a robust and elegant SUV perfect for navigating city streets and rougher terrains. Given Milan's sometimes unpredictable weather, this versatile car is handy during the colder months.

Martinez's Audi R8 adds an extra touch of sportiness to his collection. With its sleek design and high-speed capabilities, it's no surprise that this car is a favorite among many footballers.

The BMW in his collection further adds to the variety. This vehicle, known for its comfort and performance, is a staple in many high-end car collections.

Finally, the crown jewel of Martinez's collection is his Ferrari 488 Spider. The Italian sports car is a testament to Martinez's successful career in the country. With its astounding speed and stunning design, it embodies the exhilaration and glamour that comes with being one of football's top stars.


Martinez likes to go on vacation with his stunning WAG Agustina Gandolfo — the two married in May 2023 in Lake Como, — and their only child.

It remains unknown if the footballer owns a jet, but he often traverses the world with at least a rented one. He and his wife are big fans of visiting wineries.