Brazilian defensive midfielder Casemiro has earned millions of dollars through his talent, hard work, and professionalism.

The former Real Madrid player played a vital role in helping Los Blancos win five Champions League titles. More recently, he helped Manchester United achieve its first silverware in six years in the Carabao Cup.

Moreover, his $85 million move from Madrid to Manchester United is undoubtedly one of Europe's best this season.

At 31 years old, Casemiro is still regarded as one of the best players in his position. His $19 million per year salary is a testament to his consistency and durability. With an estimated net worth of $112 million, let's look at how Casemiro spends his fortune.

Casemiro's Houses

After signing with Manchester United, the Brazilian midfielder Casemiro temporarily resided at the prestigious Lowry Hotel. However, he has now settled into a beautiful new home nearby.

The $5 million house sits in Bowdon's private and upscale neighborhood. It features six bedrooms, a mini-football pitch, and an outdoor swimming pool for his two kids.

In September 2019, armed robbers raided Casemiro's house in Madrid while he was playing in Derbi Madrileño. His wife and daughter, who were there at the time, remained unharmed.

Casemiro has come a long way since growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Sao Paulo.

Casemiro's Cars

While Casemiro's car collection may be smaller than some of his fellow footballers, his passion for automobiles is no less significant. He carefully curates his collection, focusing on quality over quantity and ensuring each vehicle earns a special place in his garage.

The first car in Casemiro's collection is a striking red Audi RS7. This $120,00 high-performance luxury sports sedan combines impressive speed with unparalleled comfort.

The second car in Casemiro's garage is an elegant $60,000 Audi Q7, a versatile and spacious luxury SUV that perfectly blends style, functionality, and comfort. This sophisticated vehicle is ideal for Casemiro's family outings, delivering a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Casemiro also bought a $130,000 Range Rover SVR and Bentley Bentayga for his wife.

Casemiro's Investments

Casemiro has joined the ranks of numerous sports celebrities by establishing his own esports organization, CaseEsports.

CaseEsports announced its inaugural foray into the esports scene by venturing into the realm of CS:GO, with the acquisition of a talented Brazilian team as their first competitive squad. Not surprisingly, Casemiro is also an ambassador for the gaming headset HyperX.

The Brazilian is proudly the ambassador for ‘Save the Children,' an international non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting children's rights, providing relief, and supporting children in developing countries.

Through his ambassadorship, he provides financial assistance and becomes a role model for young fans and aspiring athletes, demonstrating the importance of giving back and supporting those in need.

Photo: Instagram/Casemiro