FC is considering Danish sportswear brand Hummel as its potential new kit sponsor for the 2025/26 season. The news comes from Spanish journalist Gerard Romeo, who shared the information on his Twitch channel.

Barcelona's 25-year partnership with as a kit maker could be coming to an end after next season. The club's $109 million per season deal with the Swoosh brand remains one of the most lucrative sponsorships in football.

The Blaugrana do not see eye to eye with Nike today, thinking their existing deal needs restructuring. That's why , , and Hummel have all entered the race to woo the La Liga giants ahead of the 2025 season kickoff.

However, kit influencer and avid Blaugrana fan @memorabili1899 says not so fast. He already has a hit copy of the Nike kit for next season and suggests that future terms will eventually be sorted. Remember that Barcelona would also have to pay a substantial termination fee.

It sounds like Barcelona is pulling out all its negotiation to win a more advantageous deal with Nike. However, some believe Barca is seriously considering building its own brand to create the kits.