Lewis Hamilton showed up to the Brazilian Grand Prix in a 1990s vintage Brazil tracksuit by Umbro. 

The British racing driver is known to have a keen sense of . But his latest nod to 's -winning 1994 team takes the cake. 

Hamilton makes a stylish entrance at São Paulo GP

The Seleção Canarinha Umbro tracksuit features a bold . Just check out the massive Amazon green and yellow stars over the heart and chest of the lightweight jacket—geometric blue and white patches in the rest of the design.  

A full-length zipper runs from hem to neck. Meanwhile, the back of the tracksuit screams in big “B R A S I L” lettering on top of the Umbro name and logo. The all-blue pants with a CBF yellow print on the right thigh complete the look. 

The vintage tracksuit also pays homage to Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senn, widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever. 

Could you kick it in this gear? 

Photos: Twitter/TheyThinkKits