It appears that Lionel Messi's new World Cup boots have leaked.

The 35-year-old s set to play in his last ever World Cup, making the hottest ticket at Qatar. A supercomputer has even predicted the Albiceleste World Cup champs.

With that possibility in mind, Adidas has designed one heck of a boot to celebrate the G.O.A.T.'s last dance. Be sure to check out Ronaldo's new Zoom Mercurial World Cup boots here.

Adidas X Messi 2022 World Cup Speedportal boots

The new Adidas X Messi 2022 World Cup Speedportal boots are similar to the signature golden boots he wore in last year's Copa America triumph.

Those boots, nicknamed “El Retorno” a prolongated version of Adidas stripes in black.

Messi's World Cup 2022 boots also get the gold and black stretched stripe treatment mixed in with white and blue stripes, much like the ones he wore at the 2006 World Cup.

The then 19-year-old paid tribute to Maradona on those F30 boots with the aptly printed “86 – Le Mano de D10s” or “The Hand of GOD” on the side.

All in all, Messi's 2022 World Cup Adidas X Speedportabl signature boots look like a mix of Messi's past F30, F50, and X boots.

The 2022 World Cup versions also appear to have the Sun of May, as featured on the Argentina flag, on the heel. The upper and soleplate also shine gold with a yet-to-be-determined color for the studs.

The limited edition Messi cleats go on sale on the Adidas website later this month.

Photo: Twitter/TheBootChamber
Photo: Instagram/leomessi