According to Catalunya Radio, David Beckham has been in discussions with 32-year-old Barcelona legend about a move to Miami.

Messi's contract expires 2021, but a little-known exit clause permits the Argentine to leave Camp Nou at the end of the year for free.

Inter Miami FC owner is keen to land the star man who previously expressed in interest in moving stateside. Messi sent Beckham a congratulatory message when the former LA Galaxy star announced the club's official opening last year. “And who knows, maybe in a few years you can give me a call,” said Messi.

“I doubt he'd want to play for another club, but he has earned liberty over his future,” stated Barcelona club president Josep Bartomeu. “He's a big Barca fan and I have no doubt he'll want to continue until 2021 and we hope another year too.”

Bartomeu has previously mentioned that he wants Barcelona to make Messi a “one-club man.”

Will Messi stay a one-club man?

It'll take a massive financial offer to get the five-time Ballon d'Or winner and four-time Champions League winner to Miami. He's scored 603 in 687 games for the Blaugrana.

Messi is aging like a fine wine, having netted 51 times and notched 22 assists in all club competitions last year. Two years younger than Ronaldo who's still excelling at the top-level, Messi has previously mentioned that he will play for no other European team than Barcelona.

In an interview with Sport, Messi admitted that as long as Barca keep winning he'd like to stay.

“What I can say is that I want to be at Barcelona as long as possible. I've said throughout my career that this is my home. But I also don't want to have a long-term contract and only be here because of it.

“I want to be here because physically I'm fine, to play and be an important member of the squad.

“And as I said before, I need to see there's a winning team because I want to keep winning things at this club.

“For me, money or a clause don't mean anything. Other things motivate me and the most important thing is having a winning team.”

Lionel Messi

Messi is too good for the . But it's not unlike brand Beckham to chase after one of the world's best players.

“Everyone has their wish list. But if you look at the way Leo and Cristiano are still playing, even at what you might think is the later stage of their careers, I don't see it ending for them,” said Beckham.

“They're playing at such a high level that it's hard to see them leaving the clubs they are at. But we will see. You never know what can happen in football.”

Beckham is also interested in signing , Antoine Griezmann, Edinson Cavani, and head coach Zinedine Zidane as part of the club's launch next year. The new stadium, Miami Freedom Park, is slated to open in 2022.