The craze continues, as Notts County FC owners have publicly addressed suggesting that the pop sensation is interested in acquiring the club. 

We all know Swift is a diehard Chiefs fan, given her relationship with star tight end Travis Kelce. We even speculated of all the Premier League teams; she'd tie her allegiance to Manchester United

But given her new billionaire status and the fact that investing in European football seems to be all the rage of the very rich (thanks, Wrexham), it seems plausible. But her ‘interest' remains speculation at this point, despite what the Weekend Sport reports.  

Notts County FC has nothing to do but shake it off, the rumors, that is.

Notts County issue risible response to Taylor Swift takeover rumors

“As sorry as we are to disappoint the Swifties in our fanbase, we're going to have to shake this story off,” said the East Midlands club which currently plays in the EFL League Two.

“There's certainly no bad blood between ourselves and Taylor but, at such an exciting time for us and the club, she surely couldn't have believed in her wildest dreams that we would relinquish our control.

“We'll leave a blank space for tomorrow's pre-match playlist for a track from her newly released 1989 album as a gesture of gratitude for her interest.” 

It's more likely that the club is to give away tickets to her Blockbuster Eras tour or blast her single in pre-game warmups. The club's media play just goes to show how the sports media hoopla around Taylor Swift is getting out of control. 

Photo: Twitter/nick_raine