Lionel expects to kick off tomorrow's new season with some new boots designed by Adidas, inspired by Messi's love for .

Messi's Albiceleste signature boot launches officially as the X Crazyfast Messi ‘Spark Gen10s.' 

Fans who watched Messi kick off against his youth club, Newell's Old Boys, last Friday have already witnessed the eight-time Ballon d'Or winner in the new cleats. 

The boots commemorate Argentina's 2022 triumph, laced with various blues, bold and light, with white and trophy-laden gold highlights. The lighter blue drips down into the outsole and studs — mirroring dynamic yet precise, just like Messi.  

Look close enough, and you'll see the delicate touch of Messi's logo on the upper strike surface. The boot also features the goat's name on the backheel and inside. 

With Inter Miami coach giving Messi the green light to start in tomorrow's MLS opener vs Real Salt Lake, we'll no doubt get an even better glimpse of these savvy boots. 

Messi fans, are you ready for a new MLS season? 

Photo: Instagram/Adidasfootball