Manchester City Football Club, founded in 1880, has a fascinating past and a collection of unique . Over the years, the team's jerseys have displayed a range of distinctive styles. 

As a nod to the Cityzens' rich history, we've compiled a list of the top five Manchester City kits of all time. Let's take a trip down Manchester City's memory lane and reminisce on some of their most memorable moments in kit evolution.

5. 1969 FA Cup Final Kit

In 1969, Manchester City secured their fourth FA Cup, defeating 1-0. Surprisingly, the kit was not Sky Blue but rather red. 

The iconic black and red rare stripes are synonymous with that historic victory, as it deviated from the traditional sky blue shirt, white shorts, and sky blue socks. 

The round neck collar, adorned with black trim, completed the simple yet elegant . Fans fondly remember this iconic kit, which compelled Umbro to reintroduce it in a modern format in 2011. 

4. 1998/99 Away Kit

This kit marked a turning point in Manchester City's history. Although the club faced difficulties in lower divisions, their fortunes changed when they showcased this kit during the 1999 Division Two playoff final against Gillingham. The 3-1 victory on penalties marked the start of City's resurgence.

The yellow and black Kappa collared shirt (BVB anyone?), black shorts, and yellow sock combination made for a striking combination. 

The nail-biting penalty shootout victory at Wembley that day, led by manager Joe Royle, remains etched in fans' memories as the start of the club's journey back to the top. Plus, that brother sponsorship is ace. 

3. 2011/12 Home Kit

The 2011/12 home shirt is also an unforgettable kit, tied to one of the Premier League's most dramatic title races. 

The sky blue shirt with navy blue and white accents and the navy blue shorts provided the backdrop to Sergio Agüero's last-gasp goal at 93:20 against Queens Park Rangers, securing the club's first top-flight title in 44 years.

2. 2017/18 Home Kit

As the kit that accompanied Manchester City's record-breaking Premier League campaign, the 2017/18 home kit holds a special place in the hearts of fans. 

's side wore the sky blue and tight-collard shirt with a white band around the neckline as they amassed an unprecedented 100 points in a single season. The clean design, featuring white shorts and maroon bands on the socks, remains a fan favorite.

1. 1988/89 Home Kit

The Cityzens may have been mediocre during the 1988/89 season, but Umbro ensured the team stood out in the second tier. 

The block-stripe pattern in diamond-oriented format and white trims on the collar and cuffs keep it simple yet striking — especially with the Brother sponsorship banging across the chest. The white shorts also bore subtle but stellar black and sky-blue stripes. 

Photo: Twitter/OfficialFPL