Umbro has embarked on a vibrant collaboration with electronic broadcaster Boiler Room. Together, they have released an energetic, club-infused, limited-edition collection that includes an iconic football kit.

Drawing richly from the heady early '90s era of UK dance culture — a time when football, , and rave music were inextricably linked — this striking collection mirrors the unbridled freedom and spirited unity inherent to the scene.

Umbro x Boiler Room Collaboration

The offerings of this dynamic collection are as eclectic as they are stylish. It includes a sophisticated black pinstripe tracksuit designed to be versatile for the dance floor or the pitch, with options for both shorts or jogger pants. 

The collection also includes the iconic Boiler Room baggy tees in definitive black and an electric neon yellow. The undisputed gems of the limited-edition release, however, are the football shirts made for the club. 

The standout pieces include a neon green goalkeeper jersey and a black short-sleeved variant, displaying a striking skeleton “x-ray .” This impactful visual metaphor celebrates the dance community's shared unity and communal spirit, further envisioned by famous rave photographer Ewen Spencer in the collection's promotional photos.   

Want to feel like you're in dance music's fledgling history in Northern all over again? Get a piece of the collection starting tomorrow at

Photos: Instagram/Boiler Room/Umbro