has shocked the world with his brand-new celebration in an AFC Champions League match. His clutch winner against Al Fayha gives his club, , a leg up in Round 16.  

Everyone is familiar with CR7's iconic “Si” celebration, where he jumps into the air at the corner flag, does a semi-circle spin in flight, and lands with his feet wide apart. But this time, to mark the 1000th match of his career, he combined it with his other “nap” celebration.

Ronaldo started the napping celebration at Manchester United, where his teammates criticized his sleeping habits. But as with everything Ronaldo does, it's all to improve his performance on the pitch. He takes five 90-minute power naps daily, a sleep ritual called Polyphasic sleep

But in tonight's match, he combined the both celebrations, jumping up into the air before promptly putting hands over his chest, a hallmark of his nap celebration. 


Ronaldo's strike is his first of 2024, making him the only player to score in twenty years straight. That longevity is unmatched. He's scored 874 career

Photo: Instagram/alnassr