has unveiled the Hammers' home kit for the 2023-24 season, giving a nod to the club's anthem.  

The team anthem, “I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles,” a deep-rooted aspect of West Ham's legacy, is intrinsically entwined into the of the Umbro West Ham 23-24 home football jersey.

The association between bubbles and West Ham United is well-established, with numerous hypotheses attempting to explain how a Broadway tune became a signature for the club and its fan base. 

The song traces back to the celebrated players of the 1920s, to the lively brass bands echoing it along the pitch, on top of today's fan's unabashed vocals echoing from East London to the world. 

West Ham 23-24 Umbro kit 🫧

The new West Ham 23-24 kit, manufactured by Umbro, comes laced with, you guessed it: suds. 

The outlines of multiple bubbles spawn the claret-colored kit. The shirt also features a round collar, sky-blue shoulders with claret trim, and a blue crossed Hammers icon on the back. Sponsorship bookie Beltway centers the shirt yet again.

Claret shorts and hooped socks complete the look. 

Fans, however, would like to be happier about the new shirt. 

“It just looks like someone left a cup on the shirt in random places, they should have just gone all out on the bubbles in my opinion. Hopefully the away and third make up for it,” said one. 

“Umbro must employ the most boring designers ever,” commented another.

Of course, winning changes everything. The Hammers' performance on the pitch will ultimately determine the kit's success. 

Photo: Instagram/westham