The biggest-ever win in El Clasico history occurred more than 80 years ago when Real Madrid crushed 11-1 at home in the second leg of the Copa del Generalísmo semi-final. That blowout in June 1943 in what today is known as sparked the extant rivalry. In more recent history, the games haven't exceeded exaggerated scorelines. Let's take a look at the biggest wins in recent memory. 

One only has to fast forward nearly eight decades later to find the Madridistas doing similar damage to the Catalan giants in the 2022/23 Copa del Rey semis. That was also the second leg. Down 1-0 in the first matchup, Benzema scored a hat-trick in the 4-0 defeat. Los Blancos ended up winning their 20th Copa del Rey title. 

Perhaps that was vengeance, as Barcelona had crushed Real Madrid twice a decade prior. First, Barca's Guardiola took down 's side in a 6-2 victory at the during the 2008/2009 season. He led Barcelona to another 5-0 win at a season later.  

Of course, that still doesn't match Barcelona's biggest win ever over Real Madrid. That triumph occurred during a 7-2 performance in the 1950/51 season. 

Of its 102 victories in El Clasico, Real Madrid also enjoyed an 8-2 win in the 1934/35 campaign, along with a 5-nil takedown in 1994 just before Luis Enrique swapped colors.  

The scores may have fluctuated throughout the years, but the intensity of the El Clasico rivalry remains the same. It's one of the biggest rivalries in all sports. 

Most Lopsided El Clásico Wins Since 1943

2022/23Real Madrid4-0Copa del Rey
2010/2011Barcelona5-0La Liga
2008/2009Barcelona6-2La Liga
1993/1994Real Madrid5-0Copa del Rey
1950/1951Barcelona7-2La Liga

Photo: Instagram/@realmadrid