What was doing with French President Macron and the Emir of at a state dinner? That's the question on the minds of football fans everywhere, especially those of PSG and Real Madrid. 

Although the meeting at Elysee Palace allegedly had nothing to do with the French striker's future, it was coincidental, according to transfer guru Fabrizio Romano. 

Mbappe is on the brink of signing for Spanish heavyweights Real Madrid. Last-minute efforts to dissuade the Frenchman are on the table. 

“You are going to create more problems for us,” Macron joked in front of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim.

Sheikh Tamim elevated Qatar's global presence by founding Oryx Qatar Sports Investments in 2005, notably owning Paris Saint-Germain F.C.. He subsequently leveraged the 2022 Qatar to build his country's international prominence. 

And now, it appears he's trying to hang on to one of the world's best footballers, 25-year-old Kylian Mbappe. 

Football aside, Tamim announced Qatar's $10 billion investments in French start-ups and investment funds. He also reiterated his country's call for a ceasefire and release of hostages in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

PSG President also attended the dinner. Given his presence, it's impossible to think the French President and the Emir weren't also trying to dissuade Mbappe from leaving the country. 

Despite this, there were allegedly no talks over Mbappe's new contract at the dinner table—just some powerful suasion. 


Photo: x/actu_foot