's enthusiastic fans mobbed him after he left dinner in last night.

The winner enjoyed a lovely evening at Don Julio with his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, and their three children before all chaos broke loose.

Fans waited outside the Palermo restaurant to see the star man, serenading him as he exited the establishment.

Messi owns the streets

The Paris Saint-Germain forward returned to his native land in preparation for an upcoming international friendly match against Panama. 

Videos taken at the scene reveal that Messi had to be escorted by police as he left the establishment just before 2 AM. The excitement was palpable, as fans could be seen shouting and reaching out toward the footballer, trying to get a snap of the legend before their eyes.

And despite the chaos, the GOAT seemed to take it all in stride.

Said Argentine actor Adrian Suar who attended the dinner. “Yesterday, when we were in the restaurant, they offered Messi the possibility of leaving through the back door. However, Leo refused, saying: ‘No way, at least, I want to go out and say hello to all the people who are there.”

The intense response of the crowd underscores the passion and devotion that Messi inspires. After all, the Argentina Central Bank nearly put Messi on the 1000 peso. Argentinian farmer Maximiliano Spinazze converted his 124-foot corn field into Messi's face.

And one in every 70 babies registered last December in Lionel Messi's home province of Santa Fe took the name “Lionel” or “Lionela.”

You get the gist — Messi is an idol, just as big as Maradona.

Photo: Twitter/@LeoMessiMedia