Brazil has revealed its for the 2022 World Cup, and it's all about the details.

once again blessed the five-time World Champion Seleção with a unique look without changing the iconic kit too much.

The yellow home jersey — now much brighter — features a traditional collar accented with green and blue stripes. When undone, the collar reveals a blue button that unfolds into the shape of the yellow diamond from the Brazilian flag.

The arm trims are also yellow and green, taking a cue from Brazil's ever-popular 2002 World Cup winning kit.

The 2022 home kit roars with its Jaguar pattern

The all-over jaguar-inspired pattern injected onto the yellow colorway is even more subtle.

The Amazon's main predator, the jaguar, augurs one of the most dangerous teams in Brazil's history, featuring the likes of young talents . and Rodyrgo. They'll hope to combine with veterans and Dani Alves to take Brazil to its first World Cup title since two decades ago.

The team will wear blue shorts and white socks to accommodate the shirt.

Brazil's blue 2022 World Cup away kit

Brazil's away jersey makes the jaguar prints even more pronounced, flipping the yellow kit on its head.

The neon-green spots on the arm trim and Swoosh give the jersey an electric spark.

White shorts and blue socks with green and yellow accents accompany the rosette-laden shirt.

Is this the best Brazil kit ever? You be the judge.

Photo: Instagram/@cbf_futbol