The Orlando Pride has unveiled a new all-purple jersey that pays homage to prominent Florida artist Mary Ann Carroll.

Carroll was the lone female member of the 26 acclaimed all-black Florida Highwaymen painters group in the 1950s. Her legacy gets commemorated in this unique and lively kit .

The Florida Highwaymen created colorful artworks portraying Florida's natural landscapes during the 1950s and 1960s.

They sold their artwork door-to-door or from the trunks of their cars. Segregation prevented them from displaying their work in traditional galleries. Carroll sold her art to support a family of seven children.

The 2023 home pay tribute to a female trailblazer

The Highwaymen produced over 200,000 paintings during their heyday, and collectors and art enthusiasts now highly covet their work.

However, the Orlando Pride made efforts to highlight one trailblazer who represents a distinct aspect of Florida's cultural heritage. Carroll, who died in 2019, lives on through Orlando's new 2023 home shirt.

Carroll excelled at capturing the unique light and atmosphere of the Florida coast, with palm trees and other native flora often prominently in her pieces.

For that reason, the kit combines a light purple painstroke into its traditional dark purple colorway and an embellishment featuring a Royal Poinciana tree — a more direct reference to the artist. The tag also includes her signature and the moniker “Florida Highway Woman.”

The Florida Artists Hall of Fame inducted Mary Ann Carroll in 2004.

Grab the exclusive unisex kit right here.

Photo: Twitter/ORLPride