Does this whet your appetite, England fans? organizers have teamed up with Glastonbury promoters Arcadia to tee up a “desert festival” where Covid-free participants can drink alcohol for up to 19 hours daily. 

Football fans and ravers unite at World Cup Qatar

According to The Sun, the festival will feature “the most immersive shows on Earth,” complete with world-famous DJs and the gargantuan 50-tonne fire-breathing spider as main attractions. The Arcadia spider-style festival stage has been a mainstay for Glastonbury festival goers for over a decade. 

The fan zone, situated outside Qatar's capital city of Doha, expects to accommodate up to 15,000 participants per day, with tickets costing £50 per day and £8 pints. Nonentrants still have an alternative place to party and watch games on the big screen, however. 

Where to find drinks and fan zones elsewhere

The fan zone at Al Bidda Park in the center of Doha will offer free entry and alcohol from 5 pm to midnight, up to 40,000 fans a day. This area will provide a family-friendly alternative to Arcadia's electronic festival. 

Meanwhile, World Cup ticket holders won't be able to drink during gameplay at the . Alcohol will only go on sale before and after matches. The World Cup final will occur at Doha's 80,000-capacity Lusail Stadium.

1.2 million visitors plan to attend the World Cup in Qatar, which lasts from November 20 to December 18. Organizers have rolled out cruise ships, desert tents, and regional shuttle flights to accommodate the influx of travelers.