Part of the Real Madrid Galácticos that ushered in star players from overseas, played 527 times for Los Blancos, making his name as one of the best left-back in history. The Brazilian international also made a name for himself as a free-kick specialist, known for blasting rockets at goal. These are our top eleven goal selections from the defender.

v 1997

Known as the banana kick, Carlos's 35-yard thunderous blast against France in a friendly has been doing rounds on the internet for nearly two decades. We suspect that people will be talking about this curler for many more decades to come.

Real Madrid vs Roma 2004/05

With passes from Zidane to Figo to Robert Carlos — the Brazilian smashed in a left-footed thunderbolt into the top shelf in a 2004/05 Champions League group stage match against Roma. What a hit!

Inter Milan vs Torino, 1995

While he only spent one year with Inter Milan, the Brazilian defender still found a way to issue his trademark blast. This one against Torino looks to be propelled by rocket fuel.

Real Madrid vs. Zaragoza, 2005/06

Even the great free kicks specialists and had to give it up to Roberto Carlos. In this goal, the Galácticos collaborate to tee up the indirect kick for a Roberto Carlos smash. Two touches later and it's in the back of the net.

Real Madrid Vs. Tenerife, 1997/98

In a La Liga match between Real Madrid and Tenerife, Roberto Carlos decides to go for the impossible goal and shoot from the corner. He completely dupes the goalie, who comes off the goalline to disrupt the cross. With power and pace on the ball, the goalie has zero chance to track back and save it.

Inter vs. Vicenza 1995

From approximately 35 yards out, the left-footed tyrant smashes it all the way into the right corner of the goal after it putters the ground twice. Yet another from the Robert Carlos cannon.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 1999/2000

In the 5th minute, Robert Carlos ignites his side by scoring the first goal from a thunder strike. The Barcelona goalie gets a hand on the ball too little too late.

Real Madrid vs Mallorca, 1999/2000

With two touches, Roberto Carlos sends an absolute heater from about 40 yards out to put a fastball above and beyond the goalie's reach. The ball kisses the top crossbar as it flies in.

Real Madrid vs. Mallorca 2005/06

In his second to last year with Real Madrid, Roberto Carlos goes about one of his marauding runs to one-touch a David Beckham corner kick into the back of the net. A sublime hit that takes two decisive bounces before landing into the back of the net.

Inter vs. Lugano, 1995/96

In a Serie A match against Lugano during the 1995/96 season, Robert Carlos sent in a thunderbolt that cut the grass on its way to going to the back of the net. Watch the goalie claw at thin air.

Real Madrid vs. Atletico, 02/03

With extreme velocity, Robert Carlos ripped a shot into the top right corner passed the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper. David Beckham and Luis Figo saw it up close and might still be in awe.