The -Pique feud continues, on Valentine's Day, no less. Shakira is back with another Pique diss track, this time with an SZA lip sync video on Tik Tok.

The track samples SZA's hit track “Kill Bill,” with the singer mopping the floor in all black while mouthing the lyrics:

“I might kill my ex, not the best idea. His new girlfriend's next, how'd I get here? I might kill my ex, I still love him, though. Rather be in jail than alone.” 

Shakira slices Pique apart with SZA banger

It's now been eight months since Shakira and  divorced.

Shakira discovered the former Barcelona player cheating on her with 23-year-old Clara Chia, 18 years younger than the singer.

The three-time Grammy award winner released the revenge track “BZRP Sessions Vol 53” last month to much avail. “I'm worth two 22-year-old,” she sings. “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

Pique quipped that he was in the middle of getting Casio to sponsor his 7-a-side Kings League.

The song instantly hit #1 on most major charts worldwide, racking up 216 million views on YouTube alone.

Shakira recently admitted that ending her 11-year relationship with Pique took its emotional toll. Of course, the “Kill Bill” lyrics don't suggest she would go about murdering her ex. Naturally, making music has been a form of therapy.

“Unconsciously, you throw away feelings caused by things that happen to you in real life, breakups, etc.,” Shakira told CBS.

“I may have used my experiences, sometimes you do it without realizing it.”

What do you think of Shakira's SZA take on her relationship with Pique?

Photo: Tik Tok/Shakira