is a friend, teammate, and former coach of Brazilian right-back . The Spaniard had his say on the Alves' jail detainment for sexual assault, comments which he's since rectified.

According to @MARCA, Dani Alves could be sentenced to up to 12 years in jail for

“Dani Alves in jail? It's hard to comment on a situation like this. I'm surprised, shocked, in shock. It's a matter of justice. Justice will decide whatever it is,” said Xavi in a press conference on Saturday.

“It is difficult to comment on such a situation. I think I'm surprised and shocked. I'm in shock. Justice will rule in any case. I feel very bad for him. I am shocked.”

Xavi clarified his words the following day, leading the press conference with sincere apologies. By saying “him,” he meant the victim, effectively “her.”

“Regarding the Dani Alves case, these acts must be punished, coming from Dani or anyone else. I want to apologize and support the victim. I understand that they're not going through the best situation. I'm sorry,” said the Barca coach in a much stronger message vilifying violence.

“Perhaps Xavi's reaction is paradigmatic of the reaction of Spanish society. First of disbelief, of support and empathizing with the aggressor and then to fall into that we have advanced as a society,” Spanish magistrate and politician Vicky Rosell told Podemos.

Did Xavi do enough to apologize by correcting his initial comments?

Photo: Twitter/@TotalBarca