A Qatari team, , reportedly offered €1,000,000,000 for 3 years. That's one BILLION for 3 years.

Messi's former teammate, Xavi Hernández, has been coaching the team for 2 years running. The 41-year-old previously said he'd love to coach the superstar.

“What coach wouldn't want to train Messi?” told an audience at ‘Campus Xavi Hernández by Santander' at the Santander Work Café in June.

“Who wouldn't want a joker up their sleeve like Leo, who can make the difference in 0.1 seconds? Physically he is still in good shape. He is still the best. It would be a huge privilege to coach Messi.”

Keep in mind Xavi spoke about Messi in regards to Barcelona, not necessarily Al-Sadd. The Spaniard has been linked to the head coaching at Barcelona for some time.

Let's just say if there's any truth to Al-Sadd's bid, Messi is more likely to head to PSG or Manchester City where he can compete for another Champions League trophy.

Photo: Twitter/@iF2is