Supporters of AC Milan FC are reportedly convinced that 's older brother is simply the footballer himself wearing a wig.

On the French TV channel Telefoot last weekend, AC Milan striker Giroud appeared and received an emotional message from his older brother Romain, who is nine years his senior.

The two siblings look eerily alike, despite the significant age gap.

What fans are saying about the uncanny resemblance

Not surprisingly, Twitter was fraught with hilarious reactions to the sighting of Giroud's “identical” brother.

The only difference between the two seems to be in the hair. Romain bears a cascade of grey hair corresponding to his Lord of the Rings-like beard. We thought it was one of Val Kilmer's epic disguises from The Saint.

A blonde Giroud, of course, is the king of the Punk Comb Over.

Tweeted Barstool Football: “So you're telling me Olivier Giroud's ‘older brother' is not just Olivier Giroud in a wig?”

“Why did I think Giroud's brother was just Giroud with an age filter,” said @Saturnion.

“His brother looks like a version of him that's come back in time to prevent the apocalypse,” said another.

45-year-old Romain, who once for Auxerre at Under-15 and Under-17 levels, never fulfilled his dreams of becoming a pro player. So he lives through his -winning and prolific striker brother, Olivier, whom he called the “best player in the world.” Olivier couldn't hold back the tears.

Giroud scored over 100 for Arsenal and won the 2020/21 Champions League with Chelsea before moving on to Serie A giants AC Milan.

“For me, you are the best player in the world,” said Romain.

“I never told you, but through you, I made the career that I never managed to make.”

Doppelganger aside, is anybody else tearing up for this one?

Photo: Twitter/@telefoot_TF1