Nearly 60 of Ronaldo's 700 plus goals for club and country have come from free-kicks with twelve in Champions League alone. Whether inside or outside the penalty box, the player is a master of the set-piece. In his trademark free-kick style, Ronaldo typically pulls up his shorts and takes a few steps back in preparation for his kick.

Ronaldo vs , 2018 Group Stage

In a Group B match between and Spain, Ronaldo fired a pacy knuckleball past into the back of the net. The goal gave Ronaldo his 51st career hat trick and also represented the 51st hat-trick in World Cup history. His first goal made him one of four players to score in four different World Cups.


Ronaldo vs. Atletico Madrid 2012

From 39 yards out, the free-kick master Ronaldo scores in the right corner with a ball that wobbles and dips just before entering the goal. Thibaut Courtois appeared dazed and confused by the wonder strike.

Ronaldo vs. Gremio 2017

Against Gremio in the Club World Cup Final in 2017, Ronaldo punches a ball from some 25 yards out with a trajectory that skips around the wall and takes one deliberate bounce before blowing past the keeper.

Ronaldo vs. Celta Vigo 2017/18

In his 2017 strike against Celta Vigo in a league match, Ronaldo orchestrates a set piece with extreme mastery. The strength and velocity of the shot leave the keeper no chance.

Ronaldo vs Athletic Bilbao 2012/13

In what was his 30th league goal of the season, Ronaldo scored a screamer against Athletic Madrid in the first minute of the match.

Ronaldo vs Chelsea Final International Champions Cup 2013

In the final for International Champions Cup in 2013, Ronaldo smacks a screamer that dips right over the head of Petr Cech. Game, set, match.

Ronaldo vs Celta Vigo 2015/16

In another fantastic free-kick against Celta Vigo, Ronaldo smashes it over the wall and over the goalie's shoulder, who stands there motionless.

Ronaldo vs. Atletico 2012/13

Ronaldo seemed to pick on Thibaut Courtois with free-kicks while the goalie was at Atletico. In this one, Ronaldo takes four steps before thumping the ball over the wall and passed Courtois. Another wonder strike.

Ronaldo vs. Villareal 2009

As he's done countless times before on set pieces, Ronaldo knuckled a ball against Villarreal in the top right corner. The ball barely spins, with such pace it appears that it was lifted and shot through a canon.

Ronaldo vs. Zaragoza 2010/11

The star forward whipped a free-kick past the Zaragoza side in a 2011 La Liga match. Ronaldo's kick froze the goalkeeper who stood there like a statue.

Manchester United vs. Portsmouth 07/08

Of course, the list wouldn't be complete without including one of Ronaldo's master strikes from his Manchester United days. This dip of a in a Premier League match against Portsmouth was a real screamer. Standing from 35 yards out, he blasts a knuckleball beyond the reach of David James. The goal sent Manchester United atop the table.