scored 450 of 700 plus career in the Real Madrid kit. But which were his best? In this post, we've handpicked Ronaldo's best eleven goals over his nine-years at the Bernabeu.

With over 100 goals in Champions League, Ronaldo will need to look no further for his one of his best goals when he sprung into the air like a gymnast and smashed the ball in the back of the net. Not bad for a so-called aging 33-year-old.

Cristiano Ronaldo's 11 best goals for Real Madrid
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Real Madrid vs Barcelona in Copa Del Rey Final 2011

A 68th-minute header from a skying Cristiano Ronaldo over Dani Alves sealed the Copa Del Rey for Los Blancos against arch-rivals Barcelona. The win stymied the Catalan giants led by the indomitable from winning the Treble. The victory also signaled a shift in the competitive landscape between the two teams.

Cristiano Ronaldo's 11 best goals for Real Madrid
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Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, Champions League group stages (Oct. 22, 2014)

ronaldo best real madrid goals
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With four players surrounding the Portuguese striker, Ronaldo flicks it to and continues his run toward the goal, one-timing the Rodriguez return pass into the back of the net. Sublime set up and finish.

Real Madrid vs. Atletico, Champions League semifinal first leg (May 2, 2017)

Despite a 659-minute drought of goals in European competition, Ronaldo only needed a hat trick against La Liga rivals Atletico to quiet his critics and help his team advance in the Champions League. Of course, we all know what happened next. Ronaldo would score the bicycle against Juventus en route to winning his fifth Champions League trophy.

Ronaldo vs. Atletico Madrid 2012

From 39 yards out, the free-kick master Ronaldo scores in the right corner with a ball that wobbles and dips just before entering the goal. Thibaut Courtois appeared dazed and confused by the wonder strike.

Real Madrid vs. Valencia, La Liga 2013/2014

In another unimaginable goal, Ronaldo used his back heel to karate kick a goal into the back of the net to equalize against Valencia in the 95th minute.

Real Madrid vs Espanyol 2015/2016

In a dashing display of Ronaldo's vicious skills, he out dribbles three Espanyol opponents before smashing in a goal with his left boot. Los Blancos won the game six nil.

Real Madrid vs. Atletico, La Liga (April 11, 2012)

In yet another display of the Ronaldo's shot power, he fired an incredible ball from the left side of the field over goalie Atletico goalie Thibaut Courtois and tucked it into the upper right-hand corner of the net. Absolutely deadly. Ronaldo scored a hat trick on the day and propelled his team to La Liga champions.

Ronaldo vs. Gremio 2017

Against Gremio in the Club Final in 2017, Ronaldo punches a ball from some 25 yards out with a trajectory that skips around the wall and takes one deliberate bounce before blowing past the keeper.

Ronaldo vs. Celta Vigo 2017/18

In his 2017 strike against Celta Vigo in a league match, Ronaldo orchestrates a set piece with extreme mastery. The strength and velocity of the shot leave the keeper no chance.

Ronaldo vs. Villareal 2009

As he's done countless times before on set pieces, Ronaldo knuckled a ball against Villarreal in the top right corner. The ball barely spins, with such pace it appears that it was lifted and shot through a canon.