The big-booted Swede Zlatan Ibrahimović is no stranger to scoring remarkable —his bicycle kick against England in 2012 is the stuff of legends. With plentiful beautiful goals to his name, let's take a look at the top eleven in his illustrious career.

, Sweden vs. England (Nov 2012)

In one of the most ridiculous goals of all-time, Ibrahimovic scored a 30-yard overhead kick that has been on replay around the world ever since. Feel free to watch it again.

Sweden vs , Euro 2012

Ibra had a knack for scoring the majestic. In a Euro 2012 match against France, he scissor-kick volleys home an unbelievable goal that ranks up there with one of his best goals of all time. The goal helped Sweden get its first victory of France in 43 years.

vs FC Sochaux-Montbéliard (5-0) – 07/12/13

Ibrahimovic's shot power makes this free-kick at the penalty arc against FC Sochaux-Montbéliard impossible to save. No curve needed, just cannon legs.

AC Milan vs Lecce, 2011

Strength and power — these are two traits that have come to define Zlatan's career. In a 2011 Serie A match between AC Milan and Lecce, Ibra controls a boosted kick from teammate Mathieu Flamini and sends in a wonder lob to beat the goalkeeper.

Inter Milan vs. Fiorentina 2008/09

In a murderous free-kick against Fiorentina, Ibrahimovic thumped the ball from about 35 yards out toward the left corner of the goal. The ball smacked the top post before ricocheting down and in.

Sweden vs , Euro 2004

We can never get enough of Ibra's acrobatics. In this goal from Euro 2004, Zlatan exploits his six foot five frame in a crowd of Italian defenders to knock in a back heel kick. Please clap.

LA Galaxy vs Toronto 2018

What an unbelievable way to score the 500th goal in your career. With a scorpion-like kick, Zlatan swipes the ball in a one-time hit into the back of the net. Keep in mind that Ibra earned his black belt in taekwondo as a 17-year-old.

Barcelona vs Real Zaragoza 2009/10

While he spent only one year with the FC Barcelona side, he made sure his goals were memorable. This set piece blast from 35 yards out contains so much power and pace the goalie tries to bat it, but he does so in the back of the net.

Ajax vs Nac Breda (2004)

Despite his big frame, even Zlatan has a touch of Messi dribbling magic. In this goal for Ajax, he dribbles around four players in seven different challenges to notch one of the best goals of his career.

Inter Milan vs Bologna, 2008

If one thing is certain about Ibrahomivic, it's that he loves scoring goals with his back heel. In a match against Bologna, he receives a lob from Adriano with his back facing the goalie. Instead of trapping the ball, he karate chops it into the goal.

AC Milan vs. Cagliari Calcio 2011/2012

From 30 yards out, Ibrahimovic booted a free-kick curler against Cagliari Calcio that dances mid-air from the middle of the penalty box and winds up into the left back of the net.