From losers who were threatened to be out not only from the Champions League, but also from the title race in , Barcelona step by step not only has a secure ranking where they belong, but they are consolidating in the first position in La Liga.

The biggest credit for that goes to the famous mastermind in their game who came in, gathered the lost gang without the commander Messi and made them a real team. It is, of course, the manager , but although he is doing a great job, he is far from the best manager of the Catalan giants.

5. Frank Rijkaard (2003-2008)

Frank Rijkaard spent his best coaching years in Barcelona. The Dutchman was on the Catalan bench for five years (from 2003 to 2008) and during that time he won two La Liga titles, two Spanish Super Cups and, one Champions League title in 2006.

4. Ferdinand Daucik (1950-1954)

Daucik is considered one of the best managers that worked in Spain ever. He was the manager of several Spain teams like Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Atletic Bilbao, Betis, Sevilla, Levante, Elce, etc. His period in Barcelona is marked as one of the best in the club's history. In two seasons he led this team to domestic double titles winning La Liga and Copa del Generalisimo in 1952 and 1953.

3. Luis Enrique (2014-2017)

One of the most trophy-winning coaches and players in the history of Barcelona is also one of the few who wore the jersey of both Real Madrid and the Catalans. As a player, Enrique wore the Barca jersey from 1996 to 2004, he led the B team of Barca from 2008 to 2011, and during his coaching career, he was also in charge of Roma and Celta.

During his period as manager, Barcelona had the greatest comeback in the history of the Champions League, doing something that seemed unthinkable until now. They came back from a 4-0 deficit after the first match and won 6-1 against PSG, and to make the drama even bigger, they scored the last three goals at the very end of the match. In his first season as manager of Barcelona, Enrique led the team to the treble winning LaLiga, Copa del Rey, and Champions League.

2. (1988-1996)

There is one true word before which all others lose the battle in describing the trail of the football revolution he left behind. He is one of those who defined the most important secondary thing in the world as a special emotion that everyone feels when thinking about his race. That word is a masterpiece, and his name is Johan Cruyff.

With the dream team led by the trio Koeman-Stoickov-Guardiola, he won the cup in Spain for four years in a row, and at the peak of his coaching career in 1992, as a coach, he finally led the team to European success and brought Barcelona the long-awaited trophy in the Champions League. He experienced the glorious days of his coaching career in Barcelona. With the Catalans, he won: 4 La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey, three Spanish Super Cups, one European Cup and one European Super Cup.

1. Pep Guardiola (2008-2012)

There is no football fan who does not remember the incredible Barcelona under Pep Guardiola who played the most beautiful football in history.  He applied to the team everything he learned from La Massia and Johan Cruyff. Together with Messi led this team to incredible heights, certainly the best period of Barcelona's history. Guardiola with Barcelona won every trophy that was possible to win, but the most important are 2 Champions League trophies.

Photo: Twitter/LaSenyera