El Tri legend Memo Ochoa is known for his longevity—the Mexican goalkeeper has won a record five Gold Cups and played in five World Cups. His success has brought him immense fame and vast wealth, with a net worth of $5 million. 

Let's take a closer look at how this goalkeeper spends his millions.

Ochoa's Cars

Given Ochoa's successful career and the typical spending habits of athletes at his level, it's no surprise he owns some of the world's best cars. 

During his second stint at Club America, he bought a $116k Tesla Model X with Falcon Wing doors. These doors open upwards instead of outwards, making getting in and out of the car in tight spaces easier. 

He also owns a well-armored Chevrolet Suburban, including bulletproof glass, reinforced bodywork, and other protective features. It protects himself against local security threats while traveling through

While playing for the French side Ajaccio between 2011-2014, he drove around a Ferrari 458 Italia. Driving a Ferrari 458 Italia suggests his love for speed, performance, and luxury.

Ochoa's Houses

Memo Ochoa owns a $2 million house outside Mexico City. The sprawling mansion boasts amenities such as an inviting swimming pool and an expansive garden that doubles as a personal soccer playground. This outdoor area also features fountains, colorful plants, different trees, and thick bushes.

In addition, Ochoa built a trophy room — after all, he's won two Gold Cup Golden Glove awards and countless Player of the Month awards at Ajaccio and Standard Liege. Most recently, Italian side Salernitana awarded him the season's Most Valuable Player for keeping them in the Serie A.

Ochoa's Vacations

While it's unconfirmed if Ochoa owns the usual private plane, boat, and yachts of the football's richest, he does know how to vacation. The family man takes his kids to Disney World and ex-America locations, including Maldives and Ibiza.  

Ochoa's Businesses

In addition to endorsement deals with , Pepsi, and Gillette, Ochoa also bottles and sells his own wine: “The Wine of the Champions.” Because you know, as a player, he ages like a fine wine.

In June 2021, Memo Ochoa made a significant investment by buying shares in the Latin American startup Kavak, a company worth $8.7 billion that operates an online marketplace for used cars.

Additionally, Ochoa expanded his investment portfolio by becoming the lead partner in the venture capital fund, Altered Ventures. This fund focuses on sectors like video games, eSports, and virtual/augmented reality.

Photos: Instagram/yosoy8a