We have what looks to be the closest finished product to 's away kit for the 2023/24 season. 

Footy Headlines mocked up the new Nike away shirt based on these specifications. 

To begin with, the kit is mostly white, which is what fans were anticipating for the this year. Interestingly, the third kit turned out to be gray instead.

Barcelona's new 23/24 away strip adopts the vintage 70s crest

The Nike swoosh and sponsor on the 23/24 away kit takes on a blue color, while the crest gets a nostalgic touch. 

Barcelona will return to the club's logo between the 1975 and 2002 seasons. Even the “F.C.B” typography used is reminiscent of the era defined by the iconic Johan Cruyff.

The sleeves go full Blaugrana, splitting half-deep red, and half-blue; the same stripe that's been a staple since 1899.

The 2023/24 white shirt reveal garnered immediate and mixed reviews. 

“Just look at the beauty of the crest,” tweeted one fan on the retro 1970s vibe. 

“Brother are we from the circus?” said another. 

“Hopefully, refs would think we're Real Madrid and favour us more..” tweeted ChaaliyKay, who couldn't resist taking a jab at Barcelona's biggest rivals.

Blue shorts and Blaugrana socks will accompany the white kit as a nod to the complete 70s look. Meanwhile, a white pre-match away jacket with the Seynera

Barca fans — what do you think of the new forthcoming away kit? 

Photo: Twitter/Footy_headlines