Lionel has launched his own hydration drink called Mas + ahead of the .

The drink aptly set with the motto “Think positive Drink positive” is only available online for early access but should hit convenience stores in Florida this summer ahead of Copa America. It'll be distributed in Latin America before you know it.

Four flavors are available in bottle and can formats: Miami Punch, Orange d'Or, Berry Copa Crush, and Limón Lime League. The drink promises to be “a breakthrough blend of electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, with natural flavor.”

“Good hydration is essential for our daily lives. So I went to work on a drink of my own. Más+ has a taste I love and I'm proud to share it with my family and friends. Because we all deserve to feel like champions in every part of our life,” says Messi on the founder's website.

Everyone is sharing the same feedback about Messi's new drink: the vibrant packaging looks eerily similar to KSI and Logan's PRIME drink. Even KSI shared on Instagram, “Speed was right, he is the goat,” in preference to Ronaldo over Messi.

Yet, “Messi did it better,” writes one X user, and “the greatest hydration drink of all time,” another.

At least now we know why we saw Messi and his wife Antonela visited a Florida factory early last month. What are your thoughts on Messi's new drink?

Photo: x/SimplyGoal