Former footballer and OnlyFans star Maddie Wright is back with a new raunchy Instagram post. 

She uploaded her latest snaps on Instagram without much on other than pink bottoms. The images leave little to the imagination as she bakes in the sun overlooking the beach. Meanwhile, her Instagram Stories reveal her lounging in the sands.

“Happy Wednesday everybody 😂,” she wrote. 

Fans exploded with comments, with one saying, “Best way to grow flowers fastly and getting them hard.” Another wrote: “🙂beauty of creation🙂”

Career resurrected: From football scandal to OnlyFans star

Wright’s emergence to OnlyFans stardom came about only after her professional footballing came to a disastrous end. In 2019, Snapchat images showed her inhaling a balloon at a 2019 party and drinking champagne while driving her Range Rover with friends.

Contrition did nothing to affect her status; Charlton Women let her go abruptly. However, the scandal boosted her social media following, where she now has 329,000 followers. 

Last year, the blonde bombshell took her looks private to OnlyFans, where she earns a reported $500,000 a year. 

“In the first year I made in the ballpark of half-a-million pounds,” she said. 

“I can’t lie, it has completely changed my life. I was able to get my own place, I have been able to travel the world and have enjoyed a lot of luxurious things.”

The 24-year-old still dreams of returning to the pitch, but the internet money is too good to pass up. 

Wright sells subscriptions on the Only platform for $33 per month. She captivates her fans by sharing engaging content, which includes photos and videos of herself sporting bikinis, football jerseys, and lingerie.

She also works with bikini brands and sports companies on Instagram promotional campaigns. 

“It was almost like one career had ended, while another one was just beginning,” she added. 

Fair to say life has turned around for the former Charlton player. 

Photo: Instagram/madelene_wright