Hold tight, Bianconeri fans — the kit teased earlier this week on social media is nearly authentic. The real one contains minor but meaningful differences you should be aware of.

On Wednesday, Mattijs Pog, a news reporter for Juventus, tweeted what many believed to be the official home kit.

But it turns out it's a fake, according to Juve kit authenticator La Maglia Bianconera.

They tweeted: “The Home shirt that is shooting in a video is FAKE! It's done by copying our last projection, which was very similar to the real shirt, but, as noted, not identical. It would be enough to compare it with the spoiler! Spreading fakes, unfortunately, only helps the creators of fakes!”

So what does the real Juventus 23/24 home kit look like? 

At first glance, of course, the look similar. But the official version adopts a snazzier V-neck along with other subtleties. What's more pronounced is the vibrancy of the yellow logos, including the club crest. 

On closer inspection, the official kit's vertical black and white stripes also take on a more fuzzy-ripped nature, almost like faux fur.

Juventus have worn the iconic zebra stripes since 1903. A group of Torinese students founded the club in 1897. 

Either way, fans remain unimpressed with the new home kit. 

“The worst Juventus home kit ever made. Adidass outdid themselves crafting this piece of sh*t,” shared one fan. 

Juventus expects to host an official kit release event soon. What are your thoughts on the new kit? 

Photo: Twitter/La_Bianconera