With fans eagerly awaiting 's presentation for , the least we can do is guess which number he's most likely to wear at his new club.

Given the legend's history at Barcelona and as a traditional number 10, he'll likely continue with the iconic number. The last time anyone on the Inter Miami roster wore that number was Gonzalo Higuain, who retired at the end of last year.   

However, he surprised fans when he decided to stick with the number 30 at Paris Saint-Germain. After all, his buddy already occupied the 10-shirt number. 

Messi also wore the number 19 during his few first seasons in the Blaugrana kit before inheriting 10 from . Additionally, he sported 18 and even 15 during his gold medal run for Argentina at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. 

Where to buy an Inter Miami Messi kit 

With the number 10 shirt the likeliest choice, fans can order the Inter Miami 2022/23 kit from Adidas or the MLS online store

Just note the extra fees required for applying the name and number to the shirt, but it may be the wiser route.

Messi sold nearly a million shirts in 24 hours upon signing for PSG in 2021, a record that sent the PSG online shop empty-handed. 

There's no doubt that Inter Miami's home kit, nicknamed the Heartbeat kit in all its pink bubblegum glory, will be the top seller in the MLS this year. 

Miami's away kit is the home in reverse, an all-black colorway with pink patterning. 

Photo: Twitter/CrewsMat10