In 's first interview since winning the , the Argentine legend revealed that Instagram blocked him because he received too many messages.

“My WhatsApp exploded. I started to answer my family, but then I spent a couple of days answering. I had a million messages on Instagram, but I was blocked… I wasn't looking to have the most liked photo, people wanted to see me with the cup,” Messi told radio station Urbana Play 104.3 FM.

Messi also revealed that he, not an agency, manages his Instagram account. “I'm the one who manages my Instagram account, not any company or other person.”

The goat discussed his iconic World Cup photo sitting on top of Sergio Aguero's shoulders with the 2022 Winner's Trophy in hand. With 75 million likes, it's the most-liked photo on Instagram.

“I wasn't looking to have the picture with the most likes on Instagram, or anything like that. People just wanted to see pictures of me with the World Cup trophy.”

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