Here we go again. is set to release yet another track dissing her ex .

The new song will debut on February 2, the former man's birthday as well as her own, and promises to hint further at the two's acrimonious split. The singer is working with fellow Colombian and reggaeton singer Karol G on the forthcoming track, which will also include a video.

Shakira previously dropped the hit single “BZRP Music Sessions Vol 53″ earlier this month. It instantly hit #1 on most major charts across the world, racking up 216 million views on YouTube alone.

The song decries Pique for his infidelity with 23-year-old , who's now his girlfriend. Pique shared a picture of the two for the first time on his Instagram account on Wednesday.

Shakira and Pique spent 11 years together and had two children before calling it quits.

“Unconsciously, you throw away feelings caused by things that happen to you in real life, breakups, etc.,” Shakira told CBS.

“I may have used my experiences, sometimes you do it without realizing it.”

It's safe to say we can expect her second break-up song to go viral as well.

Photo: Instagram/Shakira