The world's most beautiful footballer Ana Maria Marković is out of surgery and going through rehab.

The Croatian bombshell suffered a horrific injury while playing for her Swiss club Grasshopper Club Zürich against FC Zurich last February. During the high-stakes derby game, the 23-year-old Croatian striker sustained a severe knee injury.

Physiotherapists promptly attended her on the field, to her dismay.

“Unfortunately, I got injured at the last game. It hurts so much and I still cannot believe it,” said Marković after the match. Yet, she remains confident about slow but methodical recovery over the “next few months.”

“All who know me, know that I have a very strong personality and that I will come back even stronger,” she affirmed on Instagram.

The blonde beauty is now recovering from the strenuous surgery endured two days ago. “Good bye hospital, now rehab time,” she captioned.

Teammates and fans alike — she has an army of 2.5 million Instagram followers — wished her a “speedy recovery.”

reaches out to Marković in support

Neymar, who seems to have a habit of sliding into the DM's of beautiful female athletes, reached out to Makovic last October on Instagram. The PSG star also underwent season-ending surgery on his right ankle ligament on March 10.

But Marković's exchange with the Brazilian only amounts to a football-related issue.

“Of course I'm in contact with other footballers, we do the same job. Whether it's the male Grasshoppers players or international footballers, the exchange is always there – but only on a footballing basis,” she told Swiss publication 20min.

“Neymar is an outstanding footballer. I hope that I can persuade him to support women's football and that he can also do his part off the field. Because the male footballers can achieve a lot with their reach on social media.”

Marković believes that social media platforms discriminate more against women footballers compared to their male peers.

“What makes the difference between men and women is, for example, when I show myself in a bikini on social media or when Erling Haaland shows himself in his swimming trunks,” she explained.

“Erling almost certainly doesn't get the same sexist comments. We women are good at standing up for each other, but what I wish for is that men start standing up for us too.”

Ana has grown accustomed to her reputation as the “world's most beautiful footballer.” She much prefers the “beautiful” reference as opposed to “sexy,” at least for the sake of her family.

Let's hope the Croatian international gets back on the pitch soon.

Photo: Instagram/anamxrkovic