Regarding the lavish lifestyles of professional athletes, footballers stand in a league of their own. Their breathtaking performances on the pitch earn them immense fortunes, often translating into extravagant acquisitions, from sprawling mansions to coveted supercars

Yet, nothing says “elite” quite like a private jet. 

For these millionaire athletes, the skies are no limit – literally. Buckle up for a first-class journey into the airborne lifestyles of some of the world's most renowned football superstars.

Cristiano Ronaldo — Gulfstream G200

Valued at a staggering $36 million, billionaire Cristiano Ronaldo's Gulfstream G200 aircraft is his ultimate travel companion for speedy escapades and sponsor commitments worldwide. 

The luxury jet, equipped to accommodate up to ten guests and two crew members, offers opulent travel facilities. Its features include a cozy bed and plush seating arrangements, ensuring that Ronaldo's friends and family travel comfortably and in style.

— Embraer Legacy 650

Of course, the game's other GOAT also spends his millions on a private jet. Lionel Messi flies in his own Embraer Legacy 650. 

This luxury aircraft, worth around $25-30 million, can carry up to 14 passengers and has a range of about 3,900 nautical miles, enabling long-distance, non-stop flights. The jet's cabin is designed for comfort, featuring a main suite, two lavatories, and a space for family dining. 

— Cessna Citation CJ4

Multi-millionaire Karim Benzema is the proud owner of a Cessna Citation CJ4 private jet, a luxury aircraft that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. 

He routinely uses this plane to travel to global hotspots such as Dubai, the French Riviera, and popular US cities, including Miami and New York, at least once a year. But now that he plays for Saudi Arabian team Al-Ittihad, we think he'll be traveling to some new hotspots in the Middle East. 

— Embraer Legacy 450

When Neymar isn't showcasing his skills on the football field, he loves jetting between Paris and Rio in his private aircraft. His preferred mode of travel is his Embraer Legacy 450, which provides a luxurious experience for himself and his friends and family.  

The jet, valued around $15 to $20 million, can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers and boasts a top speed of 624 mph.

— Gulfstream G280

Pogba's private Gulfstream G280 jet is his passport to global adventures and prompt appearances at sponsorship events. This $23 million aircraft, identical in size to Ronaldo's, can host ten passengers and two crew members. 

It offers the comfort of a bed and plush seating, easily accommodating his friends such as Romelu Lukaku and Paulo Dybala.

Photo: Instagram/PaulPogba, Cristiano, LeoMessi