Rangers have announced a new collaboration with iconic rock group AC/DC.

The Scottish club released a limited-edition shirt that features the Rangers crest alongside the band's symbol.

The blue Castore colorway also features the group's iconic lightning bolt print running throughout. The band released their debut album High Voltage in 1975.

“A collection based on their first ever gig in in 1976, touring with their high voltage album (also first ever album),” writes the club store where you can buy the AC/DC custom kit, striped polo, hoody, track jacket, and two types of hats.

“We cross referenced key landmarks in Glasgow such as the sharp abstract lines of the art gallery alongside the voltage bar from their logo, also incorporating the movement of sound through the prints.

“Garment shapes are inspired by the 70's retro era.”

The famous Australian rock band is preparing for their first-ever concert in Scotland since 1976 when they launched the High Voltage tour.

The band is also releasing a new book as part of the band's 2023 world tour.

Rangers rivals Celtic immediately trolled the new merchandise by subtweeting the availability of the team's black away kit.

“Back In Black!” tees off the tweet with a lightning bolt emoji — of course, Black in Black is the name of AC/DC's seventh studio album released in 1980.

Well done, lads.

Photo: Twitter/RangersFC