Move over Hector Bellerin — Manchester City boss was the first player to take part in a catwalk.

During the mid-, Catalonia fashion designer Antonio Miró asked Guardiola to feature in one of the designer's shows. The garments sold like hotcakes.

Barcelona's then-boss Johan Cruyff reprimanded Guardiola for participating in Miro's runway show.

Guardiola's denied a similar request from Pique years later

Miro's son David recounted the story on the first anniversary of the designer's death; Miro died on February 3, 2022, at 74.

“Pep asked my father in the 90s if he could model for him”, Miro's son David told Mundial Magazine.

“My dad was an FC Barcelona supporter, so he liked the idea and said yes.”

punished Pep afterwards for being unprofessional, and when some years later Barcelona's defender Gerard Piqué asked the same to my father, Guardiola didn't let him. The funny thing about it all is that every single garment Guardiola wore in that show was sold out in a few days.”

From the touchline to the catwalk, now we know where Guardiola got his keen fashion sense: Miro and his wife.

“Before her, I was a disaster, now I'm elegant because of her,” Guardiola once told Football Daily.

Perhaps he can show ‘Gucci Grealish' a thing or two.

Photo: Instagram/MundialMag